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My Journey with Art

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Art has always been my passion since I was a little girl. From an early age, I found solace in creating pieces that expressed my emotions and thoughts. At present, I relax doing art. I go to a special place in my heart when I engage in art and painting. Now, I am thrilled to share my passion with the world through 'Merakii'. This platform allows me to showcase my specialties which include breathtaking florals, majestic peacocks, serene lotuses, elegant vases and beautiful sunrises. I seek to use my free time and  talent for a purpose to help underprivileged  children who need help in my motherland, Sri Lanka. This is the core of my passion! Through my art, I hope to bring joy, contentment, peace and love to those who view it. Join me on this journey and explore the world of art through my eyes.

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